“I want to thank MIS for the direction and support over the past year.  We realize that this project was a challenge for all involved. Everyone on the MIS Team kept this project on track with all the hurdles we encountered. The MIS team walked Karen and me through this process, without us having the technical expertise that the MIS team has. The constant and consistent support and guidance is greatly appreciated. I know as we move our project forward we are partnered with the right company for continued support.”

Bob Rochefort
Director of Retail Operations, Tryangle Foods

“The MIS mobile solution for our merchandising staff has been a hit with both our customers and our principals. After seeing the valuable data that is collected and the actionable reports that area available monthly, numerous principals have recommended our system to their broker’s in other markets. We have also successfully gotten distributions after reviewing out of stock reports with customers. MIS also gave us the best store credit system and accounting in the deli department in the market. All information by store is transmitted to accounts only one day after the month end and principals get a recap and all detail at the same time eliminating accruals and guesswork of this important and widely varying expense. The implementation was seamless and we only had to run parallel systems for a month period.”

Kevin Czesak
Vice President, B&A Food Brokers

“The MIS system is simple and easy to navigate. We tested the program with a combination of reps that were well versed using computers and others that were novice. In the beginning the novice were terrified and didn’t feel they could do this and wanted to still use paper. The navigation was designed to be simple and during the test a few modifications were designed based upon our teams’ recommendations. 3 months later all have adapted with minimal issues. The MIS team brings good value not only to the cost of the program and support but also on the knowledge they bring on the appropriate use of software and hardware. They have assisted us on selection of the right hardware and have guided us on where to source the hardware at the best price. “

Michael Berg
Vice President, EA Berg & Sons, Inc.

“Investing in the iPad technology for our retail and van teams has been by far the best investment I could make to ensure to that my business is well structured for the future. It has given us and our clients a significant competitive edge in the retail marketplace and will save us so much in time and money” “The new iPad technology has given our client partners real time up to the minute data and information and as well as saved our company tremendous amounts of money in call time in store, while helping us keep track of all our merchandisers.”

David Berg
President, EA Berg & Sons, Inc.

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