The MIS Audit Tool is a mobile survey and data collection app designed for store audits. This app helps auditors, district and sales managers to improve the store auditing process.

1. Higher merchandising and improved audit compliance
2. Access real-time reports to make faster decision-making
3. Real-time audits results and immediate task assignments for corrective action
4. Higher employee productivity; work from anywhere, any time and faster
5. Customize to your specific needs
6. Low cost solution compared to paper-based/spreadsheets systems
7. Very user-friendly – users with no computer skills learn to use it very quickly

1. In-Store Audits/Surveys
2. Dispute inaccurate answers made by the Sales Reps. (Distribution product scans and surveys)
3. Mark distribution opportunities for next store call
4. Audits can be configured to have pre-defined answer selection to prevent sales reps writing different answer results.
5. The Task feature allows auditors to assign tasks to sales reps to address any merchandising/survey issues immediately or during the next store visit
6. Auditors can take pictures and make additional comments to the audit tasks.
7. Use the map option to search and locate all the stores near you to be audited
8. Save the stores to be audited and create your own routes using the route manager
9. Document sharing (Product information, planograms, etc.)
10. Supports barcode scanners and printers via Bluetooth