Sell more. Grow faster. Close anywhere.

The MIS platform was specifically design to meet the needs of all types of retail teams, including DSD and Van Sales Reps.

We have been helping our customers to successfully run their businesses with the MIS Solution for over 10 years.

We realized that “Off the Shelf” applications were not good enough or too expensive for most of our clients.

Consequently, we began to think outside the box to come up with an innovative and cost effective solution.


MIS iMobile is the most affordable solution on the market.

Merchandising in Seconds (MIS) mission is to provide affordable enterprise mobile solutions and our focus is to thrive on innovation by providing leading edge technology and exceptional customer service.

MIS offers step-by-step support: From implementation to client support, training, help desk, data center, asset management and data quality services.


  Increase Revenue

  • Greater volume of data to be captured and analyzed,
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Higher  productivity; work from anywhere / any time
  • Streamline business processes
  • Faster response time to business changes
  • Stronger competitive edge

David Berg, President, EA Berg & Sons, Inc.

“Investing in the iPad technology for our retail and van teams has been by far the best investment I could make to ensure to that my business is well structured for the future. It has given us and our clients a significant competitive edge in the retail marketplace and will save us so much in time and money” “The new iPad technology has given our client partners real time up to the minute data and information and as well as saved our company tremendous amounts of money in call time in store, while helping us keep track of all our merchandisers.”

Retail Store Call "Old vs New"

Innovation keeps you Winning!

The MIS platform was specifically designed to meet the needs of all types of retail teams,
including DSD and Van Sales Reps, the need to be able to run your business from a variety of remote locations.

MIS (Merchandising in Seconds) iMobile is the next generation mobile solution for sales and merchandising activities.

  • in-store audits/surveys

  • new item distribution builds

  • verifying promotional activities

  • sales solicitations

  • display contests

  • orders and credits –order writing, copy orders, template orders etc

  • time sheet/GPS tracking

  • tracking sales call history and data for a store, route, representative


MIS offers step-by-step support: From implementation to client support, training, help desk, asset management and data quality services

  • Careful review of the client’s plan to assure it meets specific business requirements

  • An integrated approach coordinating professional and support service departments

  • Management of system rollout to assure smooth implementation and maximized user adoption

  • Efficient change management to eliminate technology drag.


Seemless Communication:

  • No more need for faxes, telephone prompt systems, or even email to keep communication between the field and the main office.

  • Sales Reps can have all the information for their store calls automatically downloaded onto their mobile devices and corporate can receive field data in real time.

Created by and for retail professionals:

  • MIS iMobile was born out of the need to get things faster, simply and without spending a fortune.

  • MIS iMobile was vetted through individuals with varying technical skills sets.

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